Author: Kevin Simpson

It may have started in Scotland, but perhaps nowhere else in the world today do you see the symbolism of a painted red front door on a home or business than in Savannah Georgia.

In a world peppered with meaningless, ironic and often graphic imagery, a world that went from the quill inked hand penned letter, to type written note, to email, to text messaging, and now Emojicons, Savannah’s red doors have a simple and truly symbolic meaning – If you paint the front door of your home or business red it means you have paid it off and are the 100% owner.

Now lest we forget we are living in a ‘keeping up with the Jones’ kind of world, we have for a long time now, but imagine if this was the standard we set for ourselves and our businesses. As business coaches we see the struggle for that everyday. What’s worse – a lot of the businesses I coach are fighting to compete against businesses that have never made, or rarely make money. Yet they dominate our life, culture and our thinking of how a successful business should be run. In case you’re wondering who a few of them might be, here’s a short list:

If you paint the front door of your home or business red in Savannah Georgia it means you have paid it off and are the 100% owner.

Would you look at your local businesses different with this knowledge? More so, would it mean more to you to walk through the red front door of your local electronics store and buy your TV from them knowing the owners had run a successful, profitable business that employed your neighbours, or your kids, and had managed to pay the business off?

I think it would. For sure it should.

What’s lost in all of this is the notion that for the majority of us, paying off our personal home is considered the gold standard of goal setting in our modern society. But what about the millions of small business owners that own both a home and a business.

The recent stats are that in the US businesses with under 20 employees make up an amazing 89.2 of all US businesses. Canada is no different. What does that mean? That for millions of people, the goal is to have two red doors in their lives. One at work and one at home.

89.2 % of businesses in the US have less than 20 employees

The lesson from Savannah: Let’s be proud about being debt free. Let’s celebrate it and let’s support our local business owners and help them have two red doors in their lives.

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