Hear What Local Businesses Have To Say!

We were an award winning business before we ever started working with Jarrod. In the first 12 months working with him our net profit has increased 1371%

J. Ruston

Speedpro Signs

“This was an incredible day! So, so worth the time. I have a strong, attainable and organized 90 days to work with. Thank you so much you guys! Look forward to more workshops!”

S. Lawrence

Baby & Me Maternity

“The planning session is awesome. I definitely recommend it for anybody, I don’t care what level you’re at, there’s so much you can actually bring back into your business, and help you succeed.”

Greg T.

The Image Stop

Just like athletic coaches, BEC coaches motivate and guide you toward your goals. The one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and resources in the Business Edge Coaching program can really help to develop all aspects of your business (including sales, service, marketing, and finance). I enjoyed the support and motivation that I received from my coach, other BEC coaches, and the small business owners like me who attended the BEC workshops. While working with my coach, I went from working out of my house to opening an office space, hiring employees, and doubling business revenue. Working with my coach also helped me to see that business success is most rewarding when balanced with personal success.

Janice Liwanag

The Marionette Group

The services they provide can simply be described in 2 words ‘extremely valuable’! The coaches are caring, supportive and knowledgeable and hold us accountable for our goals and plans for success. I would highly recommend meeting with a coach to learn how Action Coach can take your business to the next level!

Melissa Gregory

Sceptre Communications

I own a small retail store called “The Scrap Yard” where creative people gather to do all sorts of art projects. My coach is Jarrod Stanton. He is teaching me to think of my business as a business and not a hobby. Over the past few years he has given me great ideas to grow my business, implement procedures, helped with tough situations and be accountable to someone every week when we meet. I really need that!!! Thanks Jarrod.

Lori Wilson-Bunda

The Scrap Yard

“This is a testimonial to the business coaching ability of Jarrod Stanton. I was coached as the owner of Learn Photography Canada, a photography lesson company that provides hands-on classes in the cities of Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Jarrod is an amazing business coach. He continually provides Learn Photography Canada with practical, realistic, and appropriate solutions. This may sound unenthusiastic, however I cannot give higher praise to a business coach and one whose recommendations are so actionable. Unlike other recommendations we have had from executives, consultants and other coaches, Jarrod’s advice has produced many positive project returns, strengthened our systems and diversified our revenue streams.

Jarrod has an amazing personality that creates an open air of communication. Jarrod acts not only as a business coach but also friend, psychologist, ally, and counsellor sometimes! No topic is taboo and our coaching sessions are incredibly open – a necessity I believe for achieving the very best with a business coach.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Jarrod as a business coach for executives and owners. Our company has momentum and direction, something that we would have been hard pressed to find before we began coaching with Jarrod at Business Edge Coaching.”

James Lam

Learn Photography Canada

“I have had my business coach for 6 months now. What I ever did with my business before her is beyond me. My only question is: Why did I wait?

She is personable, direct and very easy to talk to. She has a wealth of life experience that allows her to narrow in on your issues quickly. It doesn’t matter the time of day or the problem I’m having, she is always there. She has helped me solve issues for family and friends. Found jobs for the people I love. Listened to all of my frustrations, whether or not they were work related. My Coach gives her time freely in a way that I never expected. Most importantly she has given me the tools to go out and move beyond my current situation. She has given life to my schemes and dreams. Goals that I thought were only maybes in a distant, distant future are now within my grasp. She is amazing. I can’t describe her any other way.

Second to the amazing friendship, counseling and coaching I have gained from my Coach, is the Business Edge Coaching team. Whenever I go to an event, seminar or workshop I don’t only gain her knowledge. I have access to all of the other coaches, developers and all of the other businesses that they are coaching. It is a wealth of information. I never walk away from those sessions feeling unsatisfied. There is always an internal feeling of “Wow that blows my mind. I have a lot of work to do.”…And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My Coach has not only become a really good friend, that I am proud to have in my life; but she has also changed my life forever. If you are stuck and wondering what you will do to get out of your rut, I recommend you give BECI a call.”

Rebecca Swan

Rebecca Swan Wellness

“Last month marked the second year anniversary of coaching with Jarrod Stanton.

I can get all emotional about what coaching with Jarrod has meant to me personally, but first let’s talk about the stats (the part that Jarrod really enjoys!!).

Last night Jarrod & I reviewed The Gift Designers financial report, and here is our financial story for the past year:

The Gift Designers has increased its net profit by 281%

The Gift Designers has increased its revenue by 52%

The Gift Designers has increased its GPM by 2.3%

On top of large financial accomplishments I have the “mushy” accomplishments to report as well, here is the emotional story:

I chose to enlist Jarrod as my business coach 2 years ago after choosing to “give the biz a good go” versus turning in the towel after 9 years in business.

The last two years have been difficult, good, and all very rewarding. Jarrod has challenged my way of thinking & doing business. Jarrod has supported me in ways that I cannot completely articulate except to say that in the shop and in friendship circles people know that “I’ll ask Jarrod” will be a standard reply. When I plan our staff parties and functions, Jarrod now gets an invitation.

From Jarrod’s support and coaching I have been able to accomplish these financial results and I have a renewed vision for The Gift Designers and a stream lined focus on what needs to get done to accomplish our mission. I have received invaluable staffing advice, the much needed ‘kick in the rear’ when required, marketing input & feedback, strategies for implementing systems, what to report on & what the reports mean =), input on how to manage my time and many, many more. I have an increased confidence that is difficult to describe and far too many shifts in my thinking to document.

Thank you Coach, I appreciate you.”

Noreen J. Ward

The Gift Designers INC

“Jarrod Stanton has been our Business Coach for over a year, and as a result of our weekly meetings we have increased our sales most significantly.

Unfortunately, the principles of business growth and development are something which eludes many people and usually requires a constant refocusing on the objective, plan, attitude and basic skills. The “default” for many owners seems to be a return to methods that impede growth when the work is tedious or a bit overwhelming.

Jarrod has always brought us back into focus whether it relates to re-focusing on our objective, building customer relationships, acting on our goals, leading our team and even valuable marketing advice and critique.

Our initial goal at the beginning of the year was to increase our commercial sales, and we are ecstatic to report that we have experienced an increase of 100%! We have actually doubled our commercial sales in one year!

We are thankful to Jarrod for the exceptional support that he brought to our company and for continually guiding our focus in order to enact sound principles of business.”

Pat & Benita Nickel

Nu-Life Carpet Care Inc.

“As a small business owner, I am always looking for ways to improve my business. Action Coach, Group Coaching Sessions allow me to work on my business in a positive and encouraging environment. The idea of being in a session with other business owners was my main reason for signing up. I like idea of being able to hear other business owner’s successes and solutions to solve issues in their own businesses. It is great to be in a room working with other business owners who are passionate about their business and an Action Coach equally as passionate to help us all succeed.”

Joe Yee

Next Level Marketing

“I truly believe that meeting Jarrod and joining Profit Edge was the best thing that could have happened to me in regards to my business. Prior to that, I was felt like my business was slowly taking over the rest of my life. I find your workshops and profit club meetings therapeutic, as they have put me back in control of my business and enabled me to get a better perspective of my life as a whole. I walk out of every meeting thinking: That was the best Profit Edge ever…”

Moji Ajele

BNI Southern Alberta

“Jarrod Stanton of Action Coach Calgary has been our coach at Priority Leasing for the past three years. Over this time I have come to appreciate Jarrod’s insight, wisdom, creativity, patience and humour. Through Action Coach I have learned to do a detailed analysis of every aspect of my business from systems and processes, to team management, financial mastery and much more. The Action Coach team has a saying…. ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’. And it’s true. Although many of the principles of running a successful business stay the same, many of them are changing at lightning speed. It’s important to have another set of eyes, another viewpoint and a patient mentor who can tactfully point it all out. Jarrod is all of that and a good friend as well. Even if you just want to explore the role of a business coach over a cup of coffee, give Jarrod a call. It might be the best call you ever make!”

Deb Sands

Priority Leasing Inc.

“We came to know our Coach in one of our most vulnerable times in our existence. Having lost our only sales person and struggling to stay alive, we joined the BNI Optimum chapter in Calgary to try and build some business. It wasn’t long before we began a relationship with our Coach as a source of knowledge and then as an advocate of building our business.

She would come to our office and teach us processes and tricks to become a more stable company. We quickly adopted the new ideas and since then have flourished, not only in our company, but also in providing an excellent customer service experience.

It would be difficult to say my Coach did not save our company as we were on a slippery slope and couldn’t see the trees from the forest. I would recommend BECI’s services to anyone looking to increase their business, set processes, and increase customer satisfaction. She is an excellent business coach who really wants to see small companies succeed!

Thank you to my Coach for everything you have done for us.”

Dwight Koenning

DEK Technologies Inc.

“13 years ago when I decided to venture out of the Corporate world and become an Entrepreneur, I believed that all I needed to become successful was my 18 years of experience in the Insurance industry, my knowledge, my skills and my passion. WRONG!

In the early years of building my business I was very fortunate to have strong and effective Communication skills that allowed me to become financially secure in a very competitive and commission based business. However, my business changed direction very early in its infancy from being strictly commission based to becoming a monthly revenue generating operation and I continued to be successful in spite of myself. As the company continued to grow, I began to realize that I was now in the next stage of business building and I knew that I needed to search out professional business mentoring and education. Over a four year period of time I began interviewing Coaches that were very expressive about what they were going to do for me, but I was unable to feel a connection with any of them that made me feel assured that they actually knew what they were talking about! That is, until I met Jarrod Stanton of Action Coach Business Coaching!

Interestingly, Jarrod did not resemble any of the prior Coaches in any way and yet during our first interview I felt that he was finally someone who had the ability to “put his money where his mouth was”! He actually owns his own businesses and has obviously been in the trenches with the rest of us … that made all the difference for me to be able to trust his coaching and recommendation skills. Although I have been working with Jarrod for only 8 months, I believe that he has assisted me in so many ways of how I actually view my business and myself in the business. He is helping me to “work on my business rather than in my business” by teaching me of the importance of goal setting and accountability. As business owners, we all need that Guru to provide us with direction, support and that slap on the back for a job well done … Jarrod has become my Business Guru!

Thank You Jarrod for the business mentoring and the support of my beliefs in ‘the sky is the limit for HRS’!”

Luene La Fontaine

Health Risk Services Inc.

“In my first year working with my coach, Jarrod Stanton, I had my best year ever. Now seven months into year two, I’ve already matched last year! Before I got into real estate I was a Tennis Professional. I spent my career in tennis always having a coach, and so do all professional athletes. As I reflect on my career as a Realtor, I can’t believe it took me 10 years in the business before I considered a business coach. It’s no different than professional sports, if you want to be successful, or be the best in your profession, get a business coach, get Jarrod Stanton. Coaching is not just for sports!”

Robin Spiers

Robin Spiers and Associates