Nagui Bihelek

President & CEO

Nagui Bihelek founded Business Edge Coaching in 2007 with a vision – give business owners the tools they need to succeed, and professional advice to get them there. He has assembled a diverse team of experts to assist owners in all aspect of their business. Nagui has 30 years of business experience, working as A Business Owner, Executive, VP, Consultant and Coach.

Life as an Entrepreneur

In his Australian homeland, Nagui established a company that started off small, but under his leadership became the # 1 importer and distributer for Video Multimedia solutions. He opened the channels of distribution and established his products in every major Australian retail outlet and reached $5 million in revenue in less than 3 years; a staggering growth of 260% per year. With his company, Nagui captured 40% of market share all while managing a team of 29 staff and contractors.

Coaching and Relatable History

His consulting work in the mid 1990’s led to drastic changes within Fortune 100 companies and how they conduct business. As a creative visionary, Nagui coached and mentored organizational change using cutting edge methods and systems to reduce traditional project development costs by 80%; a reduction from $3-5 Million to $300-500 Thousand.

As a team manager for IBM, Nagui directed a group of hardware and software engineers which supported 3,500 clients. He has also managed multiple-projects at once, ranging from $500k – 20 Million dollars in value. The largest project saw Nagui leading a team of over 100 people whose scope spanned the globe. Nagui also gained experience working in the finance and banking industries by developing innovative product release, training and management programs to several multi-billion dollar Australian banks with over 1,200 branches each. His outside the box strategies enacted as VP to a publically traded company positioned them for a $200 Million dollar investment to support a national expansion campaign.

Nagui has a proven record for success; his coaching and mentoring with executives from businesses large and small have led to improvements increasing profits 50- 100%.

Top Level

  • 30 years experience
  • Multi-venture entrepreneur
  • Managed 20 million dollar projects
  • Consulted fortune 100 companies around the world

A New Lease on Life

Surviving a near death experience 10 years ago has shown Nagui how important it is to appreciate every day and how wonderful it is to watch dreams come true. Nagui has been married for 20 years and has two wonderful teenage children. Nagui’s experience in Team Management, Operations, Human Resources, Logistics, Marketing, Sales, Financing, Process improvement Training can help add value to your business. Whether its growth, market share, investments, or the finer points of your business; such as management and processes, Nagui Bihelek will help achieve your goals.


Nagui Bihelek

President & CEO

Sandra Bihelek

Executive Administrator