Every career coaching company needs a solid business foundation, predictable cash flows, and revenues for growth. Without predictability we are unable to plan and prepare for the future. For companies that have a foundation and a sustainable business model, the next step is developing a corporate structure to facilitate large scale growth.

The ability to lead, inspire, and develop operational systems are key attributes to effective corporate structures and executive leadership. Lateral growth, however, is the litmus test of executive leadership, and the ultimate test of a business formula. This involves systems and procedures that must be present when opening up multiple locations.


“To positively impact communities and cities through the advancement in the local positive mindset culture and in the monetary results that drive the businesses on which our economy is built.”


We want to see Calgary’s economy thrive through local business success. What this looks like is local business communities coming together to leverage opportunities for growth through shared experiences.

This community support in tandem with our expertise as a Calgary business coaching leader allows your business and the Calgary market to grow together. The more knowledge a business owner has, the more opportunities they are able to realize.